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                ABOUT US Maruyama Coffee’s vision

                For lots of people,
                coffee’s a happy part of day-to-day life.
                Tastier coffee, then, makes for happier moments.
                At Maruyama Coffee, we pour our energies into
                the entire coffee process
                -from sourcing the beans to serving the cup-
                to create those extraordinary experiences.
                Our vision is to build a bridge between the farm
                and the customer,
                conveying the heart of the grower and
                the diverse flavors of the beans.

                SPECIAL CONTENTS Discover Coffee

                What makes great coffee great?
                It all comes down to
                the natural environment shaping the farm
                and the passions driving every grower.
                When those unique elements come together,
                you get something special:
                coffee beans that offer truly one-of-a-kind tastes.
                There's a rich, rewarding depth to explore
                in every cup of coffee.
                Let Maruyama Coffee be your guide-
                amazing experiences await.

                LINE UP

                Marshmallow Blend

                MEDIUM ROAST

                Apricot, Honey. Round mouthfeel.
                Bitterness : ●●
                Acidity : ●●●●
                Body : ●●●
                Aroma : ●●●●

                • 100g: ¥864 / 200g: ¥1,728

                Diamond Dust

                DARK ROAST

                Dark Chocolate, Raisin. Smooth mouthfeel.
                Bitterness : ●●●●
                Acidity : ●●
                Body : ●●●●
                Aroma : ●●●

                • 100g: ¥710 / 200g: ¥1,419

                Diamond Dust Light

                MEDIUM ROAST

                Orange, Cashew.
                Bitterness : ●●
                Acidity : ●●●●
                Body : ●●●
                Aroma : ●●●

                • 100g: ¥710 / 200g: ¥1,419

                Winter Special Blend

                MEDIUM ROAST

                Green Apple, Honey. Tightly-knit mouthfeel.
                Bitterness : ●●
                Acidity : ●●●●
                Body : ●●●
                Aroma : ●●●●●

                • 100g: ¥900 / 200g: ¥1,799

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                Announcement on Ending the Support Service for International Order and Shipping


                Notice of price revision of blend coffee and temporary discontinuation of Daily Specialty Series


                Notice of Change in Product Net Content

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